• What is hyaluronic acid?

    Hyaluronic acid is a major constituent of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the dermis, which it helps to structure and organise. Its remarkable properties allow it to ensure the filling of the ‘support mat’, protect the cells (fibroblasts) and organise the collagen fibres. Capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is also known for its strong moisturising properties. Naturally present in various body tissues (skin, cartilage, etc.), this exceptional molecule is used in many fields (ophthalmic surgery, treatment of osteoarthritis), particularly in the field of non-surgical anti-ageing procedures as a wrinkle filler. It is also used in cosmetics for its moisturising and wrinkle-filling properties.

  • What type of hyaluronic acid do the Filorga products contain?

    Hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight encapsulated in chronospheres. Some other Filorga products also contain micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid.

  • How is it different from injected hyaluronic acid?

    Our hyaluronic acid has been specially formulated to be directly absorbed through the skin.

  • What is NCEF?

    NCEF is Filorga’s exclusive complex containing revitalising and anti-ageing ingredients (vitamins, co-enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals, etc.)

  • What are chronospheres?

    Chronospheres are vectors that enable absorption of active ingredients, in which we have encapsulated the hyaluronic acid and NCEF. The core of this exclusive formula is present in all our skincare creams.


  • Where can I buy Filorga products?

    Filorga’s Anti-age, Medi-cosmetique® products are distributed in pharmacies and parapharmacies as well as at Marionnaud. To find the nearest point of sale, click here. The Anti-Ageing Spa products are distributed in spas and salons. To find the nearest point of sale, click here.

  • Is it possible to order samples?

    We do not ship samples by post. We reserve our test samples for our points of sale that give priority to proper guidance and try to provide the best care to meet individual needs. You can also visit our points of sale for some test products that will help you to discover the sensorial textures of our products.

  • How can I get access to documentation about the brand?

    Brochures are available at all points of sale that offer our brand. You can also find all of the information about the brand on our website.


  • How can I get a list of ingredients of a FILORGA product?

    A complete list of ingredients is provided on every case.

  • Do Filorga products contain synthetic active agents?

    Filorga primarily seeks to provide the most effective formulas, and hence it is possible to find synthetic molecules in some of our products as they are more effective than natural active agents.

  • Are FILORGA products tested on animals?

    We do not conduct any tests on animals and comply with the European regulations prohibiting the use of such methods.

  • How long does a product last without opening it?

    The best-before dates are provided on every product.